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Live & Simulcast Auctions

Proven Results--Live and In Person.

We have solutions to help you. Daily Auctioneers Inc. does offer live auction service. Daily Auctioneers has been offering this service since 2004. This is what most people visualize when they they think of an art auction or an automobile auction. We have sold many different items. Examples include aircraft, antiques, automobiles, estates, personal assets, machinery, mining equipment, jewelry, and even a single cowboy boot! Daily Auctioneers Inc. auctioned a bed and dresser that was in the movie Raintree County starring Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift. These two pieces sold for $27,000.00. Daily Auctioneers Inc. has auctioned millions of dollars in assets. We also have been able to help in hoarding situations. We are available for nation wide service.

We also offer simulcast auction service. This service takes advantage of our online auction platform to offer auctions live and online at the same time--maximizing results for you and accessibility for your bidders.

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